From The Pastor,

From the Pastor

I’m sitting down to write the sermon outline for July 1. Although all seems lost in the reading from Lamentations, there is still of glimmer of that God will not forsake the people forever. Jesus demonstrates God’s healing presence when the woman who has been suffering a flow
of blood for twelve years is healed when she touches the hem of Jesus’ robe.
There are so many throughout the world who need to hear these stories of hope and healing. Their conditions are as bad or, perhaps, even worse. Political unrest throughout the world. Personal issues of homelessness, abuse, addictions, hunger. Environmental issues of pollution of air, water, and land. Climate change brought on by the burning of fossil fuels. “Isms”: racism, sexism, classism, and ableism, to name a few. My list of unfavorable situations is far from complete.
The Theology of the Cross reminds us that God is in the midst of these situations. God has not abandoned us. God is with us in the struggles we face as well as in the times we rejoice. The Theology of the Cross reminds us that God stronger than anything, including death.
Thanks be to God!

Pastor Del