From The Pastor,

From the Pastor

Lent began on Valentine’s Day. A day of the celebration of love complete with greeting cards, flowers, and other gifts offered a tie-in with Jesus’ love for us. The kids who came Ash Wednesday service got a Valentine card from God to remind them of how much God loves us all.
Easter is on April Fools’ Day. The last time this happened was 1956. The irony of this occurrence is too good to let go. (Please see the article on page 6 which contains thoughts from Miles Townes and me.) Although I’m way past the age of playing April Fools’ jokes on others, I am amenable to being the brunt of such jokes on me.

God’s love is a serious thing, of course, but many American churches have begun using an old Easter custom begun by the early Greek Christians: “Bright Sunday” or “Holy Humor Sunday.” These celebrations take place on the Sunday after Easter. For centuries in all Christian traditions, the week following Easter Sunday was observed by the faithful as “days of joy and laughter with parties and picnics to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection.

We won’t be doing this at Augustana, but our worship is far from gloomy on any given Sunday or other special service. Why? Because of the events of Holy Week...including the parade on Palm Sunday; the Meal, foot-washing, languish of Jesus in Gethsemane, the betrayal kiss, the arrest, and the kangaroo court on Thursday; the Crucifixion on Friday; Jesus’ descent to the place of the dead (Hades) on Saturday; and his triumphant victory over death on Sunday.

Blessings for the rest of Lent and into Resurrection!

Pastor Del