This Week's Announcements

Welcome to all visitors,
we have been expecting you!

Augustana Lutheran Church is a welcoming, caring congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America where our motto is "Visitors Expected!" We offer opportunities for worship, spiritual growth and fellowship and express our faith and love to others in the name of Jesus Christ.

July 2017
General FundCIP / Ceiling Fund
Receipts $16,251.25 $2,057.50
Payments $15,993.03 $1,742.50
Balance $258.22 $315.00
$108,316.79 $12,296.00
$119,474.72 $11,740.97
($11,157.93) $555.03

Servers: Sunday, September 10, 2017
Acolytes: Jackson Wynn and Sydnee Wynn
Greeters: Pat Bergstrom and Amy Swenson
Assisting Minister: Susie Strohbeen
Communion Assistants: Noah Dickman and Emily Hall
Eucharistic Ministers: Linda Nygard and Nancy Van Meter
Technical Assistant: Marlene Levine

Servers: Sunday, September 17, 2017
Acolytes: Noah Dickman and Mia Hall
Greeters: Jan Mohan and Linda Nygard
Assisting Minister: Dick Lindbloom
Communion Assistants: Beth Schwaderer and Jackson Wynn
Eucharistic Ministers: N/A
Technical Assistant: Blake Lindgren


The Social Concerns Benevolence Event for September is Support the Troops. Items suggested— toiletry items, including: small packages of wipes, small jars of petroleum jelly, eye drops, sample sizes of shampoo, emery boards, small size sun block, toothbrushes and floss, deodorant (men and women), Band-Aids, Advil, Tylenol, cough drops, antacids, body wash, body powder, soap, contact lens cleaner, small packs of tissues, lip balm (Chapstick), small lotions and moisturizers, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, small toothpaste, small size mouth wash, disposable razors, foot/body powder, baby oil or powder, and cotton balls. Small packages of individually wrapped candy or snacks are also appreciated.

Reformation Information Inserts. Each week we will be including inserts that will tell about characters, issues, and places important to the Reformation. We hope you enjoy learning more about this event which changed the Church five hundred years ago.

Luther movie. Thrivent Financial is pleased to announce that PBS has agreed to air a two-hour documentary on the life and impact of Martin Luther. The film, “Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World” will air Tuesday, September 12 at 8 p.m. 7 p.m. Central (Check your local listings).

Soles 4 Souls. A collection box for wearable used shoes is in the narthex. Any shoes collected here will be added to the collection at St. Mark Lutheran Church. Thank you.
Reformation 500 at First Lutheran Church, October 22. The first three Sundays in September a special offering will be received to help pay for this unique event. Please be generous. We already have a pledge of $100. We also need an approximate number of people who will be attending. On the “Welcome” sheet indicate “Ref 500” if you are planning to attend. Thank you.

Hurricane Harvey Response. Gifts to Lutheran Disaster Response designated for “Hurricane Response-United States” will be used entirely (100%) for this disaster until the response is complete. If you wish to donate, please use the form on the insert. Make the check payable to Augustana and we will send in one large check to LDR. Thank you.

Adult Education. On September 17 we begin a look at the Reformation. The six sessions will cover brief looks at the following: Church History, Martin Luther, Luther in the Home, Lutheran Theology Part I, Lutheran Theology Part II, and Lutherans in America and the World.

We need your input. The Worship and Music Mission Team is wondering what the consensus might be concerning the time for the late worship service on Christmas Eve. Our current worship times are 5:00 pm and 10:30 pm.
Let us know, please, if you prefer to leave the schedule as is or move the late service to an earlier time. If you prefer an earlier time, please let us know what time you prefer. Call Bobbi at 255-7694. Thank you.

Staff: Rev. Del Olivier-Pastor; Diana Wooley-Director of Music; Bob Barry and Shannon Peterson-Organists; Bob Barry, Heidi Graben, Angela Iversen, Shannon Peterson-Pianists; Heidi Graben-Celebration Choir Accompanist; Mark Kochen-Sexton; Bobbi Laskowske-Office Administrator.

AWE Musicians: Heidi Graben and Angela Iversen-Pianists; Heidi Graben, Emily Hall, Shelley Hexom, Angela Iversen, Jenna Liberto, and Lindsey Rixner-Vocalists; Pete Iversen-Electric Bass; Dave Madsen-Percussion; Matt Rixner-Guitar.