Prayers List.

Prayers of Intercession:
Oriah Boling-Ellens, Glenna Brockhaus, Chase Broyhill, Shaun Broyhill, Kris Dillman, Ken File, Kris Grunig, Richard Haas, Darrel Hansen, Paula Hebron, Ron Houske, Elysha Iversen, Carolyn Johnson, Olivia Kallaos, Mackenzie Keith, Dave Kellen, Michael Kochen, Greg LaScala, Brock Lindgren, David Lindgren, Peter Macfarlane, Trevor & Nicholle Mammen and family, Janet Maxwell, Ella McDermott, Dorothy Midland, Janice Mohan, Jacob Muckey, the family of Chad Muecke, Denise Nurse, Tom Peterson, Wendy Pohl, Alice Sea, Larry Simons, Adam Smith, Jerry Snodgrass, Dorothy Swenson, Steve Trobaugh, the family of Jack & Jane Ward, Cindy Washinowski, Nancy Van Meter, Carol Yaneff, Tami Zerr, and those affected by disasters throughout the world. We also pray for the following families of the church:

We also pray for the following families of the church: Cyd and Emily Fleckenstein and Mia Hall; Rosemary Forsling; Adam Frisch & Jeanne Emmons; Grant & Megan and Aiden Garbe; Joe & Carla, Camryn and Braedyn Glass and the others we name before you....

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