From The Pastor,

We have just entered the season of Lent with our service of worship and communion on Ash Wednesday. The next 40 days encompass a time of reflection as we address our human desire for a more intimate relationship with God, even as we are challenged to confess our sins to break the barrier we place between ourselves and God. It is in the waters of baptism that we receive the new birth into God’s family and we receive the gift of grace. As Luther states in the Small Catechism “Baptism is not simply plain water. Instead, it is water used according to God’s command and connected with God’s word. What gifts or benefits does Baptism grant? It brings about forgiveness of sins, redeems from death and the devil and gives eternal salvation to all who believe it, as the words and promise of God declare. What is the significance of such a baptism with water? It signifies that the old person in us with all sins and evil desires is to be drowned and die through daily sorrow for sin and through repentance, and on the other hand that daily a new person is to come forth and rise up to live before God in righteous and purity forever.”
Luther reminds us that we are to remember our baptism daily and with our confession and repentance we are made new in the image of God. I invite everyone to take some time to prayerfully consider what it would mean to you to continue to deepen your personal relationship with God through this Lenten season. God’s greatest desire is for us to be in an intimate relationship – God already knows everything about each of us. I invite you to deepen your relationship with Him through this season of Lent through intentional time spent with Him in prayer, praise and thanksgiving.