From The Pastor,

From the Pastor

Fall is in the air. Sunday school, adult education, Celebration Choir, and Music with Mrs. Wooley have started and are in full swing. The Word is being taught through words, actions, drawings, and music. So many ways we have to remind us how much God loves us.
At the end of this month four of our young people will have finished their confirmation work and will be received as full members of the congregation through the Rite of Affirmation of Baptism on Reformation Sunday.
We will be experiencing a renewed sense of the needs of others through a rekindling of our Benevolence of the Month. Most months will contain emphasis on at least two related but separate opportunities for us to respond to the needs of others.
The Spirit is alive at Augustana. We are so blessed with all of our families and the gifts they share with us.

In Christ,

Pastor Del