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Welcome to all visitors,
we have been expecting you!

Augustana Lutheran Church is a welcoming, caring congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America where our motto is "Visitors Expected!" We offer opportunities for worship, spiritual growth and fellowship and express our faith and love to others in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Servers: Sunday, Sunday September 1—9:30 am
Acolytes: Kaylyn Winter
Greeters: Bob & Marge Swanson
Assisting Minister: Shelly Hexom
Communion Assistants: Darrel Bullock & Christi Bullock (B)
Eucharistic Ministers:
Technical Assistant: Fred Hexom

Servers: Sunday,
Assisting Minister:
Communion Assistants:
Eucharistic Ministers:
Technical Assistant:


Congregation Council Corner,

Thank you all for your continued patience and support during this time of transition. What a beautiful farewell we had for Pastor Del and Jane on June 30th. Many thanks to all who contributed to such a beautiful and fitting farewell celebration. Congregation Council met on July 9th, a meeting that we generally skip in the summer time, but we felt there was lots of work that needs to be done and many bases to cover. One of those bases is our staff members here at Augustana. The staff members were used to being directed daily by Pastor Del. We are reaching out to the congregation to ask for their patience as we go through transition with staff members as well. We are currently hiring a part-time Sexton and in search of a office administrator. We wish Mark and Denene success as they move on to new ventures. If you know of anyone that is interested in any either of these positions please reach out to Caleb Christopherson. Also we would like to welcome back Lauren Wainwright as she will be helping out in the church office until we hire a new church administrator.

The Council is reaching out to anyone that would like to join us on Tuesday mornings at 9 am for a weekly church cleaning.

And reminder from our last month’s message, right now, Augustana needs you and the best thing that you can do is to stay active in your congregation by attending weekly services, joining a mission team, helping around the church whenever you can and giving generously so that our church will be as strong as ever when our new pastor arrives.

Thank you and God bless,

Lila Plambeck,
Augustana Congregational Council Member.


Staff: ______-Pastor; Diana Wooley-Director of Music; Bob Barry and Shannon Peterson-Organists; Bob Barry, Heidi Graben, Angela Iversen, Shannon Peterson-Pianists; Heidi Graben-Celebration Choir Accompanist; _______-Sexton; ________-Office Administrator.

AWE Musicians: Heidi Graben and Angela Iversen—pianists; Heidi Graben, Emily Fleckenstein, Shelley Hexom, Angela Iversen, Jenna Liberto, Carl Peterson, and Lindsey Rixner—vocalists; Jean Turner—clarinet; Pete Iversen—electric bass; Dave Madsen—percussion; and Matt Rixner—guitar.