This Week's Announcements

Welcome to all visitors,
we have been expecting you!

Augustana Lutheran Church is a welcoming, caring congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America where our motto is "Visitors Expected!" We offer opportunities for worship, spiritual growth and fellowship and express our faith and love to others in the name of Jesus Christ.

Date Sunday AM Acolyte Musicians Tech
Oct 3 Pentecost 19 Dave Tyler Angela Levine
Oct 10 Pentecost 20 Shelley Tyler AWE Hexom
Oct 17 Pentecost 21 Dave Kaylyn Bob Iversen
Oct 24 Pentecost 22 Susie Alex Shannon Dave
Oct 31 Reformation Dave Alex Bob Iversen
Nov 7 All Saints Russ Tyler Bob Levine
Nov 14 Pentecost 24 Shelley Kaylyn AWE Hexom
Nov 21 Christ the King Marlene Hunter Bob Dave
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Eve Fred Alex Angela Iversen
Nov 28 Advent 1 Shelley Alex Shannon Iversen
Dec 5 Advent 2 Dave Hunter Bob Levine
Dec 12 Advent 3 Susie Madalyn AWE Hexom
Dec 19 Advent 4 Russ Kaylyn Angela Dave
Dec 24 Chrismas Eve Fred Tyler Bob Iversen
Dec 26 Christmas Shelley Kaylyn Angela Iversen


Congregation Council Corner,

The website is getting an overhaul. Go through it and check on the different pages and let me know if there is any corrections to be made. We are working to get Augustana back up and running after the COVID year. We welcome a new pastor, re-surge the Mission Teams, clean and repair the building, all with the anticipation of welcoming you back to Augustana.
Upcoming events include a Carnival and Ice Cream Social in July and August, participation in a city-wide VBS with Lutheran Lakeside Camp, serving dinner to Century II residents, gathering school supplies for Irving Elementary, continuing to stream our services, and remembering our friends that we haven't seen for a while. Come and join us for fun and fellowship if and when you are able.
Submitted by: Marlene Levine, Council Secretary.


Pastor: Chuck Meyer
Office Administrator: Heidi Kramer
Director of Music: Diana Wooley
Organists: Bob Barry and Shannon Peterson
Pianists: Bob Barry, Heidi Graben, Angela Iversen, Shannon Peterson
Celebration Choir Accompanist: Heidi Graben

AWE Musicians:
pianists: Heidi Graben and Angela Iversen
vocalists: Heidi Graben, Shelley Hexom, Angela Iversen, Jenna Liberto, Carl Peterson
electric bass and guitar: Pete Iversen and Pastor Chuck
percussion: Dave Madsen