Prayers List.

Prayers of Intercession:
Vicky Allington, Candace Borrall, Glenna Brockhaus, Chase Broyhill, Shaun Broyhill, Kris Dillman, Margaret Dorscheid, Kris Grunig, Pastor Gary Harris, Paula Hebron, Terry Heck, Ron Houske, Olivia Kallaos, Mackenzie Keith, Sherrie Kochen, Ken Kounkel, Brian Krusko, Richard Lacy, Jack Langley, Luke Lindsey, Peter Macfarlane, Charlie McAllister, Janice Mohan, Becky Moos, Louise Moreland, Jacob Muckey, Charlie Parker, Bruce Peterson, Family of Doug Peterson, Wendy Pohl, Gene Roach, Alice Sea, Gary Sierk, Larry Simons, Paul Smith, Dorothy Swenson, Terry Terrill, Meryl Tieck, Steve Trobaugh, Dennis Usher, Doug Walker, Jane Ward, Russ Wooley, Tami Zerr, and those affected by disasters throughout the world.

We also pray for the following families of the church:

July 5:

James Wooley; Russ & Diana Wooley; DJ, Kirsten, Jackson, and Sydnee Wynn; Brandy, Jordan, Josie, and Mykenzie Amick; Anna, Ryan, Breckan, and Corinne Anderson.

July 12:

Drew, Kim, Austin, and Lexy Baier; Alex, Ashley, Ava, and Arynn Baker; Mark, Wendy, Ryan, and Molly Baker; Pat Bergstrom, Jordy Borg & Tereasa Lennemann.

July 19:

Joe & Ellie Frisch; Shaun, Misty, and Chase Broyhill; Darrel, Christi, and Christopher Bullock; Myrna Burg; Caleb, Kim, Audrey, and Evelyn Christopherson.

July 26:

Tim, Kelsi, Sam, Daphne, and Mila Coles; Pastor David & Steven Cox; Lois Daniels; Brenda Davis; Craig, Kari, Noah, Abbie, and Ellie Dickman
 and the others we name before you....

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